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Do You Really Care?

KareEd is an educational service for all sectors across society - domestic, commercial, educational, government and religious organisations. It communicates the importance of caring as the fundamental prerequisite in any relationship for there to be successful engagement on whatever level - personal, business or spiritual. "If you don't care, they definitely won't!"

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KareEd E-book

This book contains the foundational message that is the game-changer for any educator, school, university, business, government or home who want to distinguish themselves as an exceptional individual or organisation that want to make a difference in the lives of the people they profess to serve.

Without the correct thinking and back-up behaviours that supports the ethos of "We Care", then all you are providing is lip-service. But if you are serious about caring in a world of contradiction to this claim, then you will welcome and embrace this message and the service that accompanies it to ensure you are operating carefully and fully caring.

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KareEd Workshops

The KareEd workshops are designed for educators in schools, universities, businesses, government departments and parental/guardian roles in a one-hour, three-hour and five-hour format. During these workshops I will unpack the "Do You Really Care?" message which explores the essential components of a caring mindset and the behaviours that distinguish someone who is caring versus someone who is not. Every workshop is designed to equip educators with simple strategies to use immediately in their educational setting. They are designed to challenge, inspire and 'move educators forward' towards becoming the best they can be in affecting the lives of those they are trying to educate.

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Workshops are tailored to the particular needs of the audience selected and are delivered in one hour, three hour or five hour (whole day) sessions. Workshops can be held either onsite in your workplace or you can get away and have the workshops held in the beautiful township of Kiama, along the South Coast of NSW in the Illawarra region.